Stocks Trading

Stocks Trading

Stocks Trading​

Speculate on the prices of thousands of stocks, listed in over 34 countries internationally. Choose among Italian, British, American, German, Asian stocks that are showing with numbers they are worth trading.
Competitive Spreads
We provide low spreads starting from 0.1 pips on well-reputed stocks like Apple, Facebook, Tesla.


National and International stocks
Trade on thousands of stocks listed in over 30 countries, from industry giants to fresh IPOs.


Instant Execution
Interactive charting system and advanced technical indicators providing instant trades through Webtrader platform.


Stock Market Analysis
Analyse past patterns of stock prices, using advanced indicators and interactive charts of our cutting-edge platform.


Trade Commodities Now

Open your account with Capital Red and start taking advantage of our products and services. Start with a minimum to test your experience with us, and you are more than welcome to hit the market bigger.

Stocks Trading Risk Management

Do not start trading without being aware of risk management tools and strategy. You need to understand that risk management will protect your capital, so you better decide about it in the beginning. Both CFDs and spread betting are leveraged products, protecting yourself from market volatility and deciding in advance on risk appetite will save you a lot of headaches.
Stop Loss Orders
It stops an order to close a position. Condition: the last price equals to Stop Loss price level. The requested order price is not guaranteed.
Trailing Stops
It adjusts the Stop Loss predefined value according to how the market is moving in a predefined difference.